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AIA-360 Tosoh, Analizador de Inmunoensayo automatizado $0.00

The AIA-360 Immunoassay Analyzer is a sophisticated immunoassay testing system that fits in any laboratory environment. The analyzer has a footprint of 16 X 16 X 21 inches and weighs approximately 61 lbs. Its compact design is ideal for physician office laboratories, work stations for small hospitals, STAT testing, such as cardiac panels, as well as a dedicated system for specialty testing.

With a throughput of 36 tests per hour, the AIA-360 generates its first result in approximately 20 minutes. The cost effective system utilizes the same 10 minute incubation reagents as all Tosoh AIA Automated Immunoassay Analyzers, so results are consistent and interchangeable.

AIA-360 System Features
- 36 tests per hour
- 16 x 16 x 21 inches, ~ 61 pounds
- Full test Menu
- Extremely simple operation
- Utilizes Tosoh's standardized Unit Dose Test Cup reagent format
- Results are consistent with all other Tosoh systems
- Interchangeable reagents for easy inventory management

Simple, Efficient and Cost Effective Immunoassay Testing
The AIA-360's user friendly interface features an icon driven touch screen that is intuitive and easy to navigate. Assay monitoring enables the user to check sample progress and assay performance. Bar-coded sample identification ensures accurate patient identification without manual worklist entry.

The AIA-360 sample carousel holds up to 25 patient samples and 25 test cups at one time. The operator may load bar-coded primary tubes or sample cups directly
on the system. Up to four assays per specimen can be loaded. Additional samples and tests can be added at any time without interrupting sample processing. Once samples and test cups are loaded, the operator presses START and walks away.

Tosoh's AIA-Pack Unit Dose Test Cup reagent technology requires no on-board refrigeration, no pre-mixing and no pre-measuring. The reagent system saves time and cost by eliminating errors and waste. Reagent level sensors signal the user when reagents are running low or when the waste needs to be emptied. The common reagents are easily accessible from the AIA-360's removable reagent tray.


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